Leaders in comprehensive medication review and reconciliation

For more than a decade, ActualMeds has paved the way in creating automated clinical best practices for comprehensive medication review and reconciliation. We bring a wealth of subject matter expertise in data standards and interoperability, and in creating seamless medication management across all post acute care settings. We influence and support standards of care for medication management through active participation in the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA), CMS study groups (e.g. SNOMED standards), and industry task groups such as the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and Association of Managed Care Pharmacists.

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Innovation that puts people first

While our roots are in technology, we have evolved into a service organization after learning that people and their needs cannot be met by technology alone. Whether patients, clients, or our own team members, we know that finding the right solutions to their challenges can take many shapes.

Our Values

  • integrity


    We understand the difference between doing things right and doing the right thing for those we serve.

  • respect


    We can learn something from everyone,  all we have to do is listen. Really listen.

  • fairness


    Although sometimes a challenge,, we strive to achieve fairness in all our actions.

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Our team of industry leaders brings decades of experience in clinical pharmacy, healthcare technology, and medication management.

Patricia S. Meisner | ActualMeds

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Anne Marie Biernacki | ActualMeds

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Joseph Gruber | ActualMeds

Chief Clinical Officer

Patrick Murphy | ActualMeds

Chief Financial Officer

PJ Neafsey

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

 Emily Schmitz | ActualMeds

Executive Vice President, Managed Care Services

Jason Pilares | ActualMeds

Director of Client Success

Dawn Brostoski | ActualMeds

Vice President of Operations and Customer Service

James Duke | ActualMeds

Vice President of Clinical Pharmacist Services

Ryan Thomas | ActualMeds

Manager, Pharmacist on Demand Service

Board of Directors

Our industry-leading board is dedicated to building the next generation of medication management solutions for point of care.

Robert E. Patricelli

Chairman of the Board- Founder of Value Health, Women’s Health USA and Evolution1

Bob Leary

Director, Founder HHG (acquired by United Health)

Michael Stocker, MD

Director, former Chairman Health and Hospitals Corporation, NYC; former CEO of Empire Blue Cross

Daniel Cave

Director, former CEO of Nurture Health (Centene)

Alan Aviles

Former President Health and Hospitals Corporation, New York City

Charles W. Schellhorn

Director, President of The Aberdeen Financial Group, LLC and former President and CEO of Argus Health Systems, Inc.

Gaylon E. Fruit

Former CEO and Founder, Senior Care Consultants Group, LLC

Patricia S. Meisner

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick J. Murphy

Chief Financial Officer

Emily R. Schmitz

Executive VP Managed Care





Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA)





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